Who’s Deciding?


By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,

Here once the embattled farmers stood,

And fired the shot heard round the world.


241 years ago today, colonial farmers played a deadly game as they took a stand against the British Crown for the sake self-government. They believed that they were best suited to decide for themselves. Decide what? The “what” didn’t matter. What makes one man’s ideas superior to those of another? April 19th — a fitting day to birth this site. Over time, we’ll discuss freedom, whether it’s important, why it’s important and how to get and keep it. We’ll also discuss current happenings so that we identify limits to it and threats against it.


Your level of freedom is inversely proportional to your level of dependence.

It’s just that simple. Think about it. A free market, when left alone, is the most democratic system in the world.  He votes each day, even when there’s no election. The goods, services and ideas which get the most “votes” are the ones who win. It’s a brilliant system which acknowledges the depravity of man while allowing him to pursue his self-interest and rewarding him materially the more he does for others, according to what they determine to be valuable. In a system where freedom is written into the law and is built into the economy and polity of things, how do those elitists who would be tyrants then gain power over others?

They create dependence through fear.

At every turn, they lie and frighten until they make others dependent on them. This is done by those in government and in big business (government is the scariest, though, because it can legally kill you). It is done by entertainers and advertisers and by many overtly religious people and groups. When one person depends on another, who’s really the decision- maker? Who’s the one calling the shots, making the choice? Again, what makes one man’s ideas superior to those of another? In the face of any proposal, we should ask two questions:

Who’s deciding?


Who should be deciding?

Put the proposal on trial: If the two answers above are different, then find the proposal to be guilty of stealing liberty.

So ask yourself, “On what or on whom am I dependent?” That dependence is what stands between you and freedom.

The Embattled Farmer Concord-75-logo


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