A Very Brief History of the Democratic Party


She described herself briefly to me — a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian who is also a Democrat.  This Midwestern woman was torn, though, because she felt pressure to support women’s rights, but she knew that abortion was the killing of a human being.  It seemed to me, after talking to her for a while, that family pressure kept her loyal to the Democratic Party.  She said she was a Democrat because she thought we should be compassionate, give to the poor and to stand up for people with little or no power or advantage.  Commendable motivation, I told her in so many words.

Aside from the fact that true charity can be dispensed most effectively with government leaving it mostly up to individuals (who know the beneficiaries and their situations and can thus deploy resources most appropriately ad efficiently), I asked her to consider the following flow of Democratic Party history.

The modern Democratic Party formed to get Andrew Jackson elected.   This is the same Andrew Jackson who, after the Cherokee Nation won its case in the U.S. Supreme Court, said of the Chief Justice, “he’s made his ruling.  Let him enforce it.”   And out went the Cherokees to Oklahoma by way of the Trail of Tears.  These Cherokees, who had fought with Jackson vs. the Red Stick Creeks during the War of 1812, were living peacefully on their land and were no threat to the United States.  But gold had been found in the Cherokee Nation.

From there, the party went from supporting slavery, segregation and Jim Crow all the way to giving  special treatment to a man, just because he’s black.   The whole time, the Republican message has been, “if a man works, he should be paid.”  Period.

Some say the Democratic Party has changed over the last few decades, but not really.  It has really always been about controlling black people.  It controlled them through force until it became inevitable that the blacks would be given the vote, and then it replaced the black husband and father, in the home, with the government.  It has controlled them by causing division, fear and anger between white and black.  The Democrat populists of the late 19th and early 20th century promoted the fear of blacks among the whites, and Democrats were elected to office as whites kept control of society, sometimes through brutal repression of blacks.   Now the inverse tactic is used:  they make sure that blacks believe they are victims, have no hope and that successful, white Americans want, more than anything, to keep blacks down.   The blacks who believe this respond by electing Democrats, making heroes of thugs and by destroying their own neighborhoods out of anger toward “racists.”  Meanwhile, in this land of unparalleled opportunity, success continues to elude them, and they have to continue their reliance on the Democratic Party for the few things they have in life.   Democrat politicians thus keep their positions of power and privilege.

Though we didn’t even discuss the Democratic Party’s history of senseless, bloody warfare (War Between the States, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam) or it’s devaluation of humanity through its support of mothers killing their own offspring, when they see fit, the compassionate, Midwestern woman could see the pattern, and she seemed to be pondering intently.   I predict that within a year, she’ll be liberated from the hold of the Democrats.


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