Charlottesville Violence: What’s Presidential?

President Trump's Charlottesville comments are drawing criticism from many quarters for not being "presidential."  CNN, NBC, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, CBS, to name a few, have fallen all over themselves to bash Trump's failure to condemn Saturday's protestors.  That's not to mention the politicians (the operative term, in this case, for sure) from both … Continue reading Charlottesville Violence: What’s Presidential?


Thoughts on the Travel Ban

Regarding President Trump's recent Executive Order 13769 and the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling, the current argument speaks to three larger issues. 1) The proper role and approach of the judicial branch. 2) The purpose of our republic and whether it's a right or a privilege for non-citizens to be here. 3)  Whether we benefit from having more Muslims enter our country. First let's read … Continue reading Thoughts on the Travel Ban