Charlottesville Violence: What’s Presidential?

President Trump's Charlottesville comments are drawing criticism from many quarters for not being "presidential."  CNN, NBC, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, CBS, to name a few, have fallen all over themselves to bash Trump's failure to condemn Saturday's protestors.  That's not to mention the politicians (the operative term, in this case, for sure) from both … Continue reading Charlottesville Violence: What’s Presidential?


A Very Brief History of the Democratic Party

  She described herself briefly to me -- a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian who is also a Democrat.  This Midwestern woman was torn, though, because she felt pressure to support women's rights, but she knew that abortion was the killing of a human being.  It seemed to me, after talking to her for a while, that family pressure … Continue reading A Very Brief History of the Democratic Party